Proper naming convention for a .NET Delegate type? [closed]

Personally I use a couple of different patterns: [Task][State]Handler – UITaskFinishedHandler [Event]Handler – ControlLoadedHandler [Function Name]Delegate – DoSomeWorkDelegate – used when I need to create a delegate for calling a function on a different/new thread [Task]Callback – ContainerLoadedCallback – used when control A starts an action which control B does most of the work and …

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Update only specific field value in elasticsearch

As a codebased contribution to this answer, the following query may be used: POST /index/type/100100471/_update { “doc” : { “yourProperty” : 10000 } } This query updates yourProperty property only. As a result, this response appears: { “_index”: “index”, “_type”: “type”, “_id”: “100100471”, “_version”: 1, “_shards”: { “total”: 0, “successful”: 1, “failed”: 0 } }